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Complete blade repairs and apply a LEP finish (various LEP applications available)

We utilize multiple access platforms, shown here is 180 ft telescopic boom.


Comprehensive Internal & External Inspections with graded reports and repair recommendations
We are able to complete inspections through multiple means of technology, shown here is a certified rope technician conducting some NDT (non-destructive testing) at customer request.

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Proudly providing independent wind turbine maintenance & repair services throughout Ontario and other Canadian provinces since 2019.


Some of our Projects included work at Henvey Inlet, Prince Wind Farm, Erie Shores Wind Farm, and Comber/Gosfield Windfarm(s)


Proud Attendee and Honored Guest Speaker at CANWEA Operations Summit in January 2020 (Blade Recycling) Participant in the CANREA Circular Economy Discussion Table


Mark Mason  CEO/President

Mark has 30+ years experience in Composites Technologies including manufacturing, repair and maintenance, mould building, complex repairs, LRTM, RTM, Infusion and VARTM processes and has been a Composites Trainer & Consultant to multiple industries (Marine, Automotive, Aircraft and Wind) for many years.


As a Composites Specialist, and with a comprehensive composites training background, Mark trains all of our technicians to the CCT (Wind) program and works with customers directly to ensure all technicians meet customer expectations.

Aaron Mason

General Manager


Aaron has 10+ years experience in leading and training wind turbine technicians in a variety of service & maintenance areas, with a heavy focus on complex composite repairs, LEP applications, blade repairs and internal/external inspections.

As a certified rope technician, and with a comprehensive safety background, Aaron trains all of our technicians to the  highest safety standards and works with customers directly to ensure all technicians meet customer expectations.